As one of the early pioneers of the Competitive Intelligence discipline, the Tyson Heinz legacy in the industry is world-renowned and respected.


Founder Kirk Tyson is recognized globally as a competitive intelligence (CI) expert, speaker and author. For over 30 years, Tyson Heinz has been a leading provider of authentic, fact-based insights, and strategic and tactical intelligence, to over 75 of the Fortune 100 and more than half of all Fortune 1000 companies.

Today, we are one of the world’s top CI consulting firms, with an unparalleled staff of consultants, researchers, and a network of member firms and affiliates worldwide. 

Tyson Heinz offers a proven approach to developing authentic and accurate intelligence, yielding the most reliable insights on any company and any industry in nearly every country.


Experience has directed our belief in the value of authentic human sources, rather than just published sources, for intelligence. And, instead of limiting our efforts to a pre-defined, set number of conversations (interviews), we conduct as many conversations as are necessary, and appropriate, to present the best results. As a result, we deliver more rigorous, custom-developed research on your competitors, markets, and customers, providing better intelligence that allows you to make the best strategic decisions for your company.

Impactful Insight
Client Exclusivity
Ethical & Responsible

Trust, Wills & Probate

Lens of Strategy

We were the first competitive intelligence (CI) consulting firm to view research through the lens of strategy, rather than the lens of market research, tying intelligence results to calculated, strategic decisions.

Real People

We were the first CI (competitive intelligence) firm to suggest (and prove) that 80% or more of the intelligence value will always come from talking to real people, rather than relying solely on web searches or generic response databases.

Continuous Monitoring

We led the evolution (more of a revolution) in management best practices of the 21st Century by advocating for continuous monitoring of competitors, rather than one-size-fits-all analyses and once-a-year strategic planning exercises.

  • Competitive and Customer Research

  • Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Market Landscapes, Sizing & Description

  • Strategic Research

  • Best Practices Benchmarking

  • New Market Entry Studies

  • Strategic Customer Insight Studies

  • Business Development Intelligence

  • Competitive Intelligence Outsourcing

  • Ad hoc On-Demand Research

Based on over 30 years of CI consulting and research experience, The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence by Kirk Tyson is an invaluable source for CI practitioners and users alike. Far-ranging in scope, it establishes a blueprint for conducting the entire competitive intelligence process from start to finish.


This concise book provides you with a foundation in the methodology necessary to gather and analyze intelligence, establish networks, conduct intelligence interviews, and more. Plus, it offers detailed instruction on designing and implementing a corporate CI process that can operate as an integral function of a company, division or an individual business unit.

It takes the competitive intelligence professional through all the necessary steps to accomplish the task, including assessing company’s CI needs, developing a plan, conducting the research, and finally packaging the intelligence for the decision makers. It even touches on peripheral issues such as counterintelligence and ethics.


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