As a global leader in the competitive intelligence industry, Tyson Heinz is relied on by major corporations to be their eyes and ears. We are committed to helping our clients rise above competition through:

Gain insight into competition by understanding:

  • Enterprise strategies

  • Go-to-market strategies

  • Marketing positioning

  • Future plans

  • Sales targets

  • Sales tactics

  • Pricing

  • Key customers

  • Firmographics

  • Operations

  • Organizational structure

  • R&D efforts

  • Product roadmap

  • Market sizing

  • Market dynamics

  • Description

  • Potential new entrants

  • Barriers to entry

  • Segmentation

  • Market shares

  • Growth

  • Potential

  • Understand customer perceptions of you and your competition

  • Understand why you're losing bids and customers

  • Understand operations and functional areas compared to others in your industry, or comparable industries

  • Solve internal business problems with fact-based solutions

  • Gain insight into creative ways to solve your operational problems

  • See where you are at an advantage or disadvantage in technology cost, personnel recruitment and retention, or strategy

We are the most comprehensive intelligence firm to lead and grow your company around the world.

Over 30+ years, we've established a powerful network of employees, member firms, and affiliates that extends around the world. We have completed successful projects in all parts of North and South America, throughout Europe, in major Asia-Pacific markets, parts of Africa, and in virtually every industry.

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