Our legacy in the Competitive Intelligence Industry is measured by over three decades, from being an originator of the industry through today's new practices. We have seen and done it all and still bring only the best, most authentic and actionable results to our clients.

  • Renowned and Respected Industry Legacy

  • Unparalleled, Authentic and Ethical Research Capability

  • Quick Response

  • Dynamic Strategic Support

  • Extensive Industry and Business Expertise

  • Proven Track Record and Trusted by the World’s Top Companies

  • Single-Source Consulting Solution

  • Client Exclusivity

Tyson Heinz principals are hands-on with each client. We believe that competitive research and intelligence drives strategy, and we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them facilitate change in their companies. Our focus on perspective rather than precision helps clients streamline decision making activities and avoid “paralysis by analysis”.

  • Facilitating client success through high-quality insights is paramount in our organization. 


  • We have hundreds of clients worldwide, including more than 75 of the Fortune 100 and more than half of Fortune 1000 corporations, proving that you are working with a firm that has a proven methodology and solid track record.


  • The professionals at Tyson Heinz are highly trained in all aspects of Competitive Intelligence and strategic analysis, contributing years of experience behind every assignment.


  • We have experience in a wide variety of industries.


  • We guarantee client market exclusivity.  If we perform work for you, we do not work with your competitors. 

  • We do not misrepresent who we are. We do not use false identities, companies or dubious practices, such as “pretexting”.


  • We do not place ourselves in positions with conflicting interests. We only work for one client at a time in any market segment. If we are working with your company, we are not working with your direct competitors. Period.


  • We keep our client’s confidence. We do not disclose the identity of our client unless given specific permission to do so. We provide you with honest analysis, informed perspective, and realistic recommendations.


  • We do not pursue information considered by sources to be proprietary, private, or secret. Pursuing such information is unethical. 


  • We do not compromise the quality of information. We do not pay honoraria, or other incentives, that taint the information obtained with financial motivation. When appropriate, we protect the anonymity of sources to ensure candor.

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